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Wearables + Beacons

Wearables and Beacons come together in a system to track the elderly and vulnerable in the home. CarePredict is soon to start shipping an activity monitor and beacon system that can continuously track a persons movements and vital signs and then transmit them via beacons/hubs situated around the home to a loved one or care professional.

Uses Bluetooth for communication between the 2 devices, Wi-Fi to send data to the cloud and then alerts, when needed, can be sent over a cellular network.

Atmel + Newport Media = Good Wireless Coverage for IoT

Atmel is to acquire Newport Media strengthening its Wi-Fi portfolio (building on Osmo purchase in 2013) as well as adding Bluetooth capability, making Atmel a stronger competitor in IoT.

Its wireless connectivity portfolio is looking very strong and builds on its work on low power micros for IoT applications.


InvenSense make two more strategic acquisitions

InvenSense make two more strategic acquisitions: Movea & Trusted Positioning, follows on from its acquisition of Analog Devices’ MEMS microphone business in 2013. InvenSense have gone from strength to strength since going public and its enabled it to expand the breadth of its offering and open up new markets, giving it the opportunity to operate a new level.

World’s Fastest Home Wi-Fi Router

Broadcom is enabling ultra-fast Wi-Fi in Netgear’s latest routers, delivering up to 3.2 Gbps. providing sufficient connectivity for the ever growing number of Wi-Fi enabled devices in the home as IoT becomes a reality. Wi-Fi routers have to be ahead of the rest of the market so that the Internet of Things can flourish and this helps brings it one step closer.