Epson Range of Wellness Bands Added to Database

Epson’s recently released range of Wellness bands have been added to the LWW database (see here, log in required).

Japanese based vendor Epson used the IFA event this week to showcase the new devices which includes both GPS sports watches (Runsense) and activity trackers (Pulsense).

Its Pulsense range of activity trackers all feature an integrated optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer, the PS-100x series is a simple band with LED indicators and the PS-500 features a monochrome LCD display.

Its Runsense range of sports and fitness smart watches are all GPS enabled and vary in price and feature set from the most basic SF-310G at approximately $200* up to the highest spec SF-810V with optical heart rate monitor (and more).

More information can be seen on the free to access database on the website and more detailed specifications can be found at Sensian Research’s website (here).

  • we haven’t seen $ amounts released yet so this an estimate based on GB£

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