TPMS Using Bluetooth Smart , About Time!

One of the latest hardware campaigns to hit Indiegogo is FOBO TIRE.  This is an after market TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) with a Bluetooth Smart connection so that you can easily check tyre (or tire) pressure using a smartphone app.


Photo from Indiegogo page 

It is a really useful and interesting idea (one I remember writing about 2 years ago) and we wish the team behind it all the luck but it is disappointing that this device even needs to come to market in this way.

Why haven’t major OEMs already implemented a similar system? Is it because they have tended to stick to proprietary wireless solutions due to guaranteed robustness? Maybe it is a cost issue (moving to standardised connectivity technology can be a little more costly)? Could be many reasons. It is assumed however that we will see more Bluetooth enabled TPMS in the future and that OEMs will see the benefit of this, especially as Bluetooth Smart Ready infotainment units increase in number.

Being able to see tyre pressure whilst in the car is important but it would be much better to also to be able to see tyre pressure on a smart phone app before entering the vehicle.

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