ZigBee Alliance New Remote Control 2.0 Standard Announced

On September 11th the ZigBee Alliance announced that it has ratified the updated ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 standard.  The new standard adds many new features such as Find my Remote, universal remote functions (e.g. automatic IR code download), voice control, and simple pairing.

ZigBee Remote 2.0

In conjunction with this IC vendors such as GreenPeak and TI have been quick to announce related chips capable of supporting the new standard. Freescale, NXP and Silicon labs have also contributed to the implementation of the standard.

GreenPeak announced its latest chip the GP565 .

TI also announced its SimpleLink™ RF4CE CC2533, CC2530 and CC2531.

Device vendors have also announced solutions based on this new standard. Such as Universal Electronic’s latest QuickSet SDK.

This new standard addresses many of the needs of Service Providers as they continue to roll out Set-Top Boxes for use as Smart Home hubs. ZigBee continues to remain relevant as an important technology in the growing Home Automation market.

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